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Hot water fireplaces

Hot water fireplaces We produce hot water fireplaces. Our hot water fireplaces contain a UTV 10 Hot Water Exchanger, able to warm the water in the central heating by hot air from the fire without all the foul habits of the hot water fireplaces heated by combustion ...

Pellet stoves

Pellet stoves The pellet stoves are a heating of the future. The pellet stoves utilise a waste timber compacted to pellets for the heating. The pellet stoves may be controlled by a room thermostat. A stock bin with a capacity for 25 kg of timber may hold up to ...

Soapstone stoves

Soapstone stoves We produce and supply soapstone stoves. We offer the fire soapstone stoves in a design of cast iron with soapstone lining. The soapstone stoves will radiate an accumulated heat over a long time due to its natural properties.

Fireplace kits

Fireplace kits The fireplace kits are made in a design of cast iron xxxkrbová vložka and natural stone lining. By default, they come in 20 basic lines. We can also produce custom fireplace kits as required.

Fireplace enclosures

Fireplace enclosures We produce the fireplace enclosures from a grey cast iron, power of 6 - 16 kW. The fireplace enclosures of BeFDIN and BeF lines are fitted with a fire-clay lining and feature a high efficiency and perfect combustion. The fireplace enclosures of ...

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